Some students go directly to college after high school. Some students go straight into jobs. With Propel America, there’s a third way forward that can lead you to both.

1. Are you between the ages of 18-24 with a high school diploma or GED?
2. Do you live in one of our regions?
3. Are you currently enrolled in one of our Core-HS classes or interested in learning more about attending a virtual bootcamp to start your journey towards economic mobility?

If you answered yes to these questions scroll down to learn more.

How does it work?

Propel America has three phases:

1. Core-HS or Core-Bootcamp where you learn about career options, map your career and educational goals, and receive personalized career education advising.
2. Specialization where you take community college classes or participate in job training, and
3. Transition where you have an interview with a partner employer and support for six additional months!

Start your journey to becoming a Propel fellow today!

Propel America is not able to guarantee the opportunity to interview for a job to students who do not have work authorization in the U.S. Hiring requirements and sponsorship opportunities vary by employer. If you have more questions please contact

  • Earn a stipend while you train.

  • Get a guaranteed interview with an employer paying up to 42K per year.

  • Earn tuition support for your training program.